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The philosophy of hospitality and the principle of Business&Relax

Punctuality and precise timing, form the basis of the name Cronwell, that describes the basic principle and confirms main principle of our hotels - "on time and at the appointed hour!". Your “Five o’clock tea” will always be waiting for you in the tea room of any hotel, where you can read the latest press, meet with your partner or lady, or just rest with a cup of tea and sounds of gentle and exciting TEA DANCE.

No matter where you are - in majestic St. Petersburg or dazzling snow-white Khanty-Mansiysk, quiet Moscow suburbs or sunny Greece - Hotel chain Cronwell Hotels & Resorts traditionally gives you its philosophy of hospitality.

Main idea – Business&Relax
Cronwell Hotels&Resorts Gallery – is a world of wonderful travel along Gallery’s hotels from business class to premium, that encourage to stay in each of them and feel the unique features service.

No matter in which hotel you stay - you will always feel the effect of one single principle of Cronwell chain - Business & Relax. Principle Business & Relax, unlike the others, and contributing to the appropriate style, design and approach to guest services implies a continuous creative process in the Gallery Hotel and attention to all details. In gives guests the world of care about convenience and comfort, business and health, combining logical principle of "Gallery": the transition from business to health and from rest back to business, thus confirming the invaluable of hotels, in each of all everything will be equally traditional and on time.


17 October 2017

An adults-only paradise! In the new season Rahoni...

Since 2018, Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 * will host guests no younger than 16 years.
9 June 2017

Come in July in Cronwell Platamon Resort 5* and visit...

In honor of its 22nd anniversary, Cronwell Hotels & Resorts presents gifts to the guests of Cronwell Platamon Resort 5*.
19 May 2017


Holidays in one of the best family hotels in Northern Greece now become even more comfortable! Especially for large families and friendly...