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Cronwell Hotels & Resorts to host the biggest in Northern Greece Hot Air Balloons Festivals

28 January 2019

The sky above Northern Greece in 2019 will be filled with bright colors and multiple lights with two international hot-air-balloons festivals, which will be held in June and September in Cronwell Platamon Resort and Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort.

The festivals will allow 12 teams of hot air balloons operators from 9 countries to gather, compete and share their experience, while the public will enjoy the spectacular air parade, light show, fireworks, rides and much more. The festivals will become a place for families and friends to gather, play, relax, take great pictures and participate in various activities, including famous evening "night glows", in which balloons are fired while remaining tethered to the ground. 

Miraggio International Balloon Fiesta will launch into the sky approximately 12 hot air balloons in June 07-11, 2019. The festival will last for almost a week, filling each day with true emotions, spectacular events and real surprises.  Except for the showy opening and closing ceremonies, the Festival will offer a spectacular smoke show with parachute jumpers, a fiesta competition program and balloon rides. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Festival of Balloons without the ever impressive Night Glow event. At predetermined signals, the pilots blast the propane burners, releasing a burst of fire into the balloon. The balloons “glow” like huge fireflies or Chinese lanterns; accompanied by fireworks … it is a truly magical sight.

Cronwell Trophy Olympus & International Balloon Fiesta will start in Cronwell Platamon Resort, and continue in Thessaloniki and Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in September 19-26, 2019. A bright collection of 12 balloons will fly to White Tower of Thessaloniki and over the Mount Olympus. The public will be impressed by Night Glow events in the evenings at Platamon and Miraggio, fireworks, smoke show and Cronwell Olympus Trophy Competition.

The festivals will be hosted by Cronwell Hotels & Resorts, organized by ‘Hellenic Aeronautics Association’ with the support of Skydive Athens, Macedonian Parachuting Association, Kubicek Balloons, Aviodoro Aero, Civil Aviation Authority, National Meteorological Authority. 


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The sky above Northern Greece in 2019 will be filled with bright colors and multiple lights with two international...
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