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D.Kolesnikov: "Restrictive measures of the Greek government will not affect our guests"

30 June 2015

"The banking system in Greece works, all non-cash payments are made, and ATMs do not restrict the tourists to withdraw money. For our guests everything is stable", – The Сhairman of the Board of Directors of Cronwell Hotels & Resorts, Dmitry Kolesnikov, commented the situation in Greece for RBC. He confirmed that restrictions on cashing are valid only for residents of the country to avoid panic on the eve of a referendum on July 5.

"In the hotels of Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Gallery you can pay in cash and by bank cards. Our guests do not experience any discomfort, and if not to turn on the TV, nothing would be heard about troubles in the country. Tourists, who are already in our three hotels, as well as those who are planning to come, the restrictions will not be affected. They will enjoy their holiday in Greece without any problems", - The Сhairman of the Board of Directors of Cronwell Hotels & Resorts.

Dmitriy Kolesnikov also marked the current period – as one of the most favorable for buying real estate in Greece. "It cheapened substantially and it is connected not only with the latest events. The instability of the domestic market and the lack of domestic demand allow external customers to buy real estate in the resort for the price, which was not possible a few years ago. The package of laws related to the possibility of the acquisition of a residence permit, doing business - it is very comfortable. Now it’s a buyer's market, not the seller’s. "


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