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Make this summer a trip to the homeland of the cleverest person in the history of mankind

21 April 2017

Cronwell Resort Sermilia 5* located in the picturesque village Psakoudia, in the heart of the holiday paradise of Halkidiki and in the birthplace of the greatest ancient philosopher Aristotle. It is said that nobody as brilliant and intelligent ever walked on this planet as Aristotle. The Greek philosopher has made significant discoveries in almost every walk of life. From sciences to subjects like poetry, music, theater, logic, metaphysics, rhetoric, ethics and politics, Aristotle aced it all.

Here are a few interesting facts about this legend:

Aristotle pioneered the classification of plants and animals. His findings closely correspond with the modern classifications.

It’s not that Aristotle was the first to study Biology; however, he pioneered the subject by applying a systematic critical empiricism to his study. It’s because of this we call him “Father of Biology.”

Aristotle had established a philosophical school known as the Lyceum in 335 B.C. It was famously known as the Peripatetic School. The lectures at the school were divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The Lyceum also housed a collection of manuscripts comprising one of the world’s first great libraries.

Aristotle is said to have composed approximately 200 works, but only 31 survive today. His theoretical works on animals, cosmology, the “Physics” is a quasi-theological investigation of existence. His practical works, of “Nicomachean Ethics” and “Politics,” are investigations into the nature of human flourishing on the individual, familial and societal levels. Finally, his “Rhetoric” and “Poetics” examine the finished products of human productivity.

Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle. He became a student of Aristotle in 343BC and took much advice from his teacher. Aristotle also taught Ptolemy and Cassander, who were eventually crowned kings.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel, the birthplace of the great scientist!


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