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The Cronwell Company provides comprehensive management according to Cronwell Hotels & Resorts brand.

Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Hotel Gallery is presented in various formats, urban, suburban and resort, from the business class to the premium in 3 regions of Russia and in Greece. Total number of rooms managed hotels is more than 1,500 operating rooms. Cronwell Hotels & Resorts is a comprehensive business model that supports a single gallery style with the personality of each hotel.

The key competence of the Cronwell brand is social responsibility, following the principles of eco-development in the management of hotels, implementation of "green" certification standards. Careful attention is paid to quality of services provided, to development of maximum attention to the needs of guests of the hotel chain, further improvement of hotel technologies.


  • Development, implementation and maintenance of Gallery’s standards:
  • Financial management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer service
  • Document
  • Software
  • Corporate Identity
  • Hotels equipment
  • Adaptation of existing standards to hotels need (unique territory, location of the object, etc.)
  • Provide transparent financial reporting for investors
  • Cost management, choice of professional contractors
  • Interaction with government agencies, trade unions and associations
  • Staff development


  • Monitoring of the hotel market, market research
  • Effective organization of work with the target groups
  • Development of special packages for different network groups
  • Development of on-line sales, connecting the hotel to the GDS and IRS systems
  • Centralized Gallery promotion at industry and professional events
  • Organization of network shares
  • Organization of participation in professional competitions and programs
  • Centralized advertising in the media
  • Organization of press service
  • Implementation of network loyalty program

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