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Our projects

Project Audit

Inspection of Architectural Project and Plans

  • Provision of guests’ comfort stay
  • Provision of guests’ leisure
  • Provision of high quality meals
  • Provision of necessary additional services
  • Provision of staff work

Technical Audit

  • Analysis of design decisions and technical level of hotel equipment
  • Audit of design decisions and technical conditions of communications
  • Audit of technical condition of building constructions
  • Audit of design decisions and technical conditions of hotel infra structure

Financial and Juridical Audit

  • Taxation system analysis
  • Financial and housekeeping analysis
  • Business agreements, human resources documentation and internal standard regulation analysis
  • Staff list analysis

Conception Development

Analysis of Region Hotel Market

  • Touristic demand analysis
  • Clients target group analysis
  • Analysis of competitors

Hotel Conception Development

  • Positioning
  • Services
  • Zonation and recommend space-planning indexes

Business Plan Creation

Marketing Plan

  • Sales policy
  • Pricing
  • Advertisement and promotion
  • Staff list project

Financial Forecast

  • Profits and losses forecast report
  • Profitability
  • Effectiveness investment and cost recovery forecast
  • Risks and general factors and measures of its minimization
  • Technological Support

Technological Support

Equipment and complication on basis of Cronwell Equipment Standard

  • Creation of equipment list for rooms and public areas with due account for hotel stars, target customers and legislation requirements
  • Finishing recommendations
  • Creation of technological duty for hotel equipment and complications
  • Analysis of suppliers of equipment and furniture
  • Audit of suppliers’ offers, taking part in tendering process
  • Additional recommendations

Support of Construction, Equipment and Technological Start-up. Operation Management

  • Consultation on the project and off-line realization of project decisions with due account for construction real conditions
  • Communication with contracting constriction organizations in making an assessment of architectural and technological decisions
  • Constant consultations with due account for possible changes and corrections in designing and construction process
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