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Cronwell Park Dobrino

Hotel features
Outside Eco Family
  • Single accomodation
    from 3700 rub.
  • Double accomodation
    from 4200 rub.
Cronwell Park Dobrino - country hotel near the capital of Western Siberia. Large wooden tower, located on the banks of the River Mountain, surrounded by many lakes and pristine forests untouched by man, allows you to relax in the lap of pristine nature. This also contribute picnic area furnished on site, gazebos for recreation, hunting for upland fowl, geese and pheasants, horseback riding, fishing. A harsh Russian winter, you can warm up in the cozy sauna courtyard, skiing, skating or snowmobiling, or comfortably inside the hotel, pondering his moves in the game of chess, cards, backgammon, or playing billiards.

A good tradition was to nail a horseshoe on the wall in Cronwell Park Dobrino. Many famous artists come to this place to leave your memory on the horseshoe. According to the legend of the forge Dunstan to him once he granted himself the evil spirit, the devil, asking him to shoe. Dunstan chained tightly to the wall of the spirit, so much so that he begged for mercy. Smith let the devil, but made him promise never to enter the house, where it will hang a horseshoe. The Romans this product also carried a symbolic meaning. This is confirmed by a wish: "May never lose your home horseshoe." Horseshoes, so bring good luck, their wishes and bestow blessing of the powers.

Despite the apparent archaism of such legends and beliefs in such a fabulous and authentic place like Cronwell Park Dobrino in which it is impossible not to believe. A two-level restaurant offers cuisine to enjoy with the national colors. Banquet facilities, located nearby, is perfect for corporate events and banquets. The hotel has 24 rooms of different categories: standard single and double rooms, comfort, economy rooms.

On adjacent to the Cronwell Park Dobrino is located now etnostoybische territory, where visitors can get acquainted with the way of life of northern peoples, to make the national crafts, enjoy the taiga kitchen, feed the deer and know more about the rituals and rites of Khanty.

Let the tale in his life, and your life is filled with new emotions and impressions!
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