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Christmas in Greece

15 December 2014

Winter holidays – it is several weeks of joy, happiness, meetings and vivid impressions. Modern Christmas traditions in Greece are reflections of many Western and ancient Eastern traditions. Greece is the only country in Europe, where most of inhabitants are Orthodox Christians, officially celebrating Christmas on December 25. Thousands of lights illuminate on swags, that decorate Christmas trees, hooses in big cities and traditional villages, and in regions with access to the sea - ships.

Warm Christmas holiday awaits guests in Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel, located on the Aegean coast, in a place called Nea Skioni. According to traditions – everything will begin with a fair. On the eve, December 24, the hotel will open holiday market: flavor of warming Christmas tea with spices or mulled wine, smell of roasted chestnuts and barbecue everywhere, songs and folk dances, special atmosphere, that comes only once a year, will remain forever in the memory .

Unique souvenirs, religious items and typical of the Chalkidiki region products made by local people, will certainly become a good gift for the loved ones, and will remind you about the soulful festival, held in one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

For guests throughout the fair day at the restaurant and bar special offer "Moёt Chandon & Oysters” exists: buy a bottle of French champagne and get half a dozen oysters as a gift.

Christmas Celebration will begin at 21 o'clock, when all guests gather at the gala dinner. It is said that the abundance of dishes on Christmas table is equal to the wealth of whole subsequent year. Chef Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel has prepared a set of gastronomic surprises, thereby already made sure that the coming year will become for you successful and fortunate. However, it is known that evening without the traditional Christmas turkey is impossible. For the entertainment part of the celebration will be responsible Greek band, playing live music, and during the evening fun contests will be organized, numerous prizes and gifts will be awarded among guests of the hotel.

The cost of Christmas dinner: 30 euros for an adult. When book a table for 4 people and more - price of an invitation to the gala dinner will be 25 euros for an adult.

The hotel offers its special action for families: dinner for 2 adults and one child up to 6 years - for the 50 euro, surcharge for the second child of 6 to 10 years is only 10 euros. Ticket price for children from 7 to 16 years - 15 euros.

The price of the ticket includes: one bottle of red or white wine at your choice, variety of dishes from "buffet" festive menu.

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