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Cronwell Inn Stremyannaya helps children

01 August 2014

Two children with ICP arrived In St. Petersburg from Surgut for treatment. The treatment itself with subsequent rehabilitation will take place in one of the country's best hospitals - the G. Romanov center, and will include, except massage, physical therapy and exercises, exercises with special training devices and music therapy. All activities are aimed at strengthening the nervous system, and contribute children learning to walk and stand. TV company "Ugra" organized raising money campaign for the Petr Karepin and Sabina Mamadjanova treatment. Citizens, television company staff and funders raised for the treatment of about 400 thousand rubles. Hotel Cronwell Inn Stremyannaya management together with "TV Advertising", paid for children accommodation duration the treatment and rehabilitation. There are kind people in the world. Let's hope that all this will help children improve their health.

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