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Cronwell Park Dobrino invites to get acquainted the culture of northern peoples

29 October 2014

Opportunity to make a unique ethnographic excursion and meet lifestyle of northern peoples is given to Cronwell Park Dobrino guests. For you to imagine what you will see there, we will describe in a few words the main activities within one day's sightseeing. We are sure, having studied it, you will decide to visit us.

So, our mini-tour begins with an introduction to the host of the camp: when the excursion group enters the park, he will lead it to the stuffed bear's head, lying on the skin, and tourists will have an opportunity to leave him gifts in the form of coins.

Next, guests will take part in the ritual non-blood sacrifice to fire, so everything in this camp will be good. Each participant of the action holds or even kisses a red shawl, that will then be stretched over the fire and ritually burned.

After this action, you will visit the camp owner - here you can taste venison Shurpa and try real birch tea with wild berries and sweets. During a tea party hostess of the camp will tell about customs of Khanty people, describe their way of life and day routine, tell how they relate to nature, to the elders, that allows them to survive in harsh conditions.





Then you go to the house of crafts where you will personally make unique national crafts. During the process, masters will tell what decorations are made and for what purpose.


Later, the camp host will show your fishing hunting tackle: a trap "snout" (“morda”) and explain how fish comes into it, and what keeps it there.

Then, women will chop and saw wood (among Khanty people is a woman's business!).
Later in the afternoon, sitting comfortably around the campfire, everyone will participate in ritual shakings and hymns, that relieve pain and illness. After that you will proceed to the tent for hospitably covered table, where you will find an amazing feast - venison in cream and hot wine. No book, no article in any Ethnographic magazine cannot give you the true spirit of the northern peoples. Come to visit us and experience it!

All details can be clarified by phone: +7 (3467) 33-00-40

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