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Employees’ achievements create the company's success

12 February 2015

Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Finance Manager Anufrieva Elena joined the Non-commercial Partnership " Audit Association the Commonwealth ".

On February 6, 2015 by the decision of the Board of self-regulating organization of auditors Non-commercial partnership "Audit Association the Commonwealth" (NP AAC) the candidate Elena Anufrieva was approved as member of the Advisory Board of the NP AAC.

Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Board members and staff of the hotel chain heartily congratulate Elena with high achievement and wish that career success always accompanies her professional way.


Non-commercial partnership "Audit Association the Commonwealth" (NP AAC) was founded at the initiative of the International public organization "Association of Accountants and Auditors "Commonwealth "(AA&AC). AA&AC was founded in 1989 and has become a well-known and recognized in Russia professional association of scholars and practitioners of accounting, audit and economic analysis.

NP AAC is an organization, uniting individuals and legal entities who are involved in audit, has positive reputation and possess such qualities as honesty, objectivity and independence. The members of the NP AAC are specialists and managers with extensive experience in areas of general, banking, insurance and investment audit, they have invaluable knowledge in accounting, IFRS, law, valuation and consulting.

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