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Greek diaries from Cronwell Platamon Resort

02 July 2014

The last week of June in Cronwell Platamon Resort Hotel was very busy. Special attention was paid to our young guests. Animators tried with all the heart and carefully thought over entertainment program so that it was not boring for anyone, thus observing optimum balance of physical and creative rest. In the afternoon children could strengthen the health taking part in Cross-Fit program. It included exercises for developing of flexibility, dexterity, force and endurance, not such boring, as school physical education classes, but at the same time very effective. Moreover, in Platamon fortress thematic days took place, when our little guests found real treasure according to the piracy card and could feel themselves native Indians. Once in two weeks show of talented children passes in hotel, where they can fulfil creative potential. During the show children of different nationalities act in various categories: dance, vocal, parodies, comedy sketches, sports, artistry etc. Parents are happy, children smile – what else is necessary for happiness and good rest?

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