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Lent menu in Cronwell restaurants

25 February 2015

During the Lent Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Chefs suggest guests enjoying familiar dishes of vegetables, fruit and cereals in an unusual performance.

From February 23 to April 11, 2015 in the restaurant "Tursunt" will be served: pickled mushrooms salad with pickled cucumbers, onions and cabbage (100 rub.), white mushrooms Soup with greens (100 rub.), healing hips drink (48 rubles.).

Simple and light meals are presented in the restaurant "Central" and “Taezhniy tupik”. Here the Lent is met with vinaigrette with French dressing (150 rubles), pilaf (200 rub.) and cabbage rolls with vegetables (200 rub.).

In the "Favorite" restaursnt, located in the heart of St. Petersburg, you can try soup with prunes (230 rub.), steamed vegetables with pumpkin (270 rub.) or potato patties with mushrooms and pickled cucumber (290 rub.), and for dessert you can take baked apple with cranberries (180 rub.).

Restaurant Repino Cronwell Park Hotel prepared a special Lent menu, which included salad "Milfey" with baked beetroot, green apple and pine nuts (220 rub.), pasta with zucchini, eggplant and paprika (350 rub.), soup with forest mushrooms (250 rubles.) and a baked pear (200 rub.).

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