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"Let's go, let's eat!" together with Cronwell

12 December 2014

Last week in Khanty-Mansiysk an important event was held - the TV channel "NTV" made a report about the city in the framework of the program "Let's go, let's eat!", the film crew stayed in the hotel Cronwell Resort Ugorskaya Dolina.

Extravagant showman John Warren told viewers about live of Khanty-Mansiysk, what is city’s economy, city's attractions and national characteristics of Ugra land.

Moscow guests visited 2 hotels of Cronwell Gallery (and it was mentioned in the program) - Wellness Hotel Cronwell Resort Ugorskaya Dolina and "Ethno-camp Siberia-Park" at the hotel Cronwell Park Dobrino.

In SPA-center of Cronwell Resort Ugorskaya Dolina John Warren tried cranberry wrapping of face and body – well known Siberian rejuvenator. And in the restaurant "Central" he managed to taste authentic royal Siberian dishes: Sosvin herring, smoked sterlet and taiga-venison with cranberries and pine nuts. Bath patio pleased showman with outdoor swimming pool filled with medicinal iodine-bromide water, where temperature even in the hardest frost retains heat to 37 degrees.

Next, the film crew went to " Ethno-camp Siberia-Park " at the hotel Cronwell Park Dobrino. Here John met with the Nikonov’s family - real Khanty-herders. He listened to stories about their way of life, ride on reindeer sleigh, and even went fishing with the owner of the camp, where in trap "Muzzle" they found pikes.After all these adventures NTV’s crew thanked the staff of Hotel Cronwell Resort Ugorskaya Dolina and Cronwell Park Dobrino for the warm welcome and promised to definitely come back. Well, let's wait. We always welcome guests!

The story about Khanty-Mansiysk on NTV you can watch here:

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