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Prepare for your holiday with Cronwell Resort Ugorskaya Dolina

03 July 2014

Summer is a time for a long-awaited holiday. Many people plan to take pleasure in the hot southern sun on the picturesque seacoast. However, there is a serious danger to get a sunburn in the first day of holiday. Is it possible to be prepared in advance for influence of aggressive sunshine? Certainly! For this purpose special project "Solar Relax" is prepared in Wellness-center of Cronwell Resort hotel Ugorskaya Dolina. This project is aimed at obtaining safe suntan under the hot sun as well as high-quality rest and health strengthening. Beams of fotaria (medical device, an irradiator) imitate a sunlight in the safe range of UF-B. Curative radiance favors elaboration of bigger quantity of melanin – cells that are "responsible" for suntan. Thus, person who has completed a course of procedures in "Solar relax", will get suntan quicker. Moreover skin color will be even, with beautiful bronze shade. Besides, beams of fotaria create a keratic protective layer, which will prevent having sunburn and reduce harmful effect of ultraviolet that injures skin.

For you to feel "Solar relax" curative properties, Wellness-center of Cronwell Resort hotel Ugorskaya Dolina holds a special action: if you buy 7 procedures for 1800 rub you will get a gift - one procedure lasting 30 minutes! You can use this gift yourself or present it.

Action is held till August 20, 2014.

Along with phototherapy, visit of "Solar relax" will give pleasure by natural aromatic oils, sounds of sea and smell of natural Himalayan salt. All this in complex gives an unsurpassed relaxation, health strengthening, metabolism acceleration and prepares for receiving hot beams of southern sun.

Welcome and enjoy!

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