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Tourism in the Astrakhan region: today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow

11 April 2015

On April 10 has finished interregional two-day conference "The tourism potential of the Astrakhan region", where were discussed the most important issues related to the development of the tourism industry in the region. More than 100 representatives of the tourism and related industries participated in the conference and meeting place was the five-star Grand Hotel Astrakhan.

The first day of the conference was particularly eventful. At the official opening the audience welcomed: Deputy Chairman of Astrakhan Government - Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Astrakhan region Zoteeva Galina, First Deputy Chairman of the Astrakhan region Duma Anver Almaev, head of the Regional Council of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Olga Sanaeva, as well as Director of ANO "Domestic tourism development agency" Stanislav Zayashnikov. Thus, it was the beginning of a productive dialogue between authorities and official representatives of the tourism industry.

As Olga Sanaeva said later, the first day of the event proved to be a highly effective, full of important information. During the conference were signed several agreements on cooperation in tourism between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Astrakhan region and the Russian Union of Travel Industry enterprises, non-profit partnership "North-West Branch of the Russian Union of Tourist Industry" and the Russian Hotel Association. The first steps are done, the ideas and proposals put forward, it is up to the implementation.

Participants of the round table discussion "Travel operators of Astrakhan and other regions", moderated by Alexey Musakin, member of the Regional Council of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, in their comments, especially mentioned real benefit from the meeting. Unique knowledge and experience that experts shared can actually be put into practice, "work" in a particular region. It seems, that "live" communication and contacts for a long time will compete with the Internet.

According to opinions of the city guests, Astrakhan that they were able to see during the conference will be remembered forever. It's not just a great organization, but people that showed the region to tourists, in their love for the cause, and the city, in their honest attitude to their work.

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